sensory fitness by haze.



Most fitness products on the market only focus on the physical.



Haze is an emerging approach to practicing fitness at home that combines working out with mindfulness.



We are on a mission to bring mental health and physical health together into one space, through the use of sensory fitness products that help connect the mind and body through colour, touch and scent.

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Fitness products designed to make you feel good. 



From soft-touch mats to energising and relaxing essential oils, the result is a deeper, more conscious connection to your workout, focusing on the mental as well as the physical. Plus, everything you'll find in our store is sustainable and vegan.

5% of our profits support mental health charities like Mind to support those affected by mental illness.

Created by a trainer. 

"As a fitness trainer obsessed with wellness, I had tried and tested countless of fitness products but nothing I came across seemed to bridge the gap between mindfulness and fitness."

We created these carefully considered products to help you get more from your workout and to help you connect more deeply with how each movement makes you feel. 

So whether you're laying down on our soft-touch mats at the end of a class to meditate, or powering up with an energising essential oil, there's something in our range to connect your mind and body and help you slip into the moment.

Connie & Hollie, Founders